Zofia Sadwoska

Zofia was born in Warsaw in 1995, she lived in High Wycombe. Her story is one of obsession and deception from her murderer. 


Alrosa Villa Murders

On 8th December 2004, Damageplan were due to play the Alrosa Villa nightclub. As guitarist Dimebag Darrell played the first chord, cue a delusional fan.


JC Sawyer

JC Sawyer was a veteran of the Korean War and was brutally murdered during a home invasion. The perpetrator then tried to play the victim with the UK media.


Collette Aram

On 30th March 1983, 16 year old Collette Aram left her home in Keyworth, Nottinghamshire. She never got to her boyfriend's house. Her body was found the following day. Her killer would not be brought to justice for 25 years.


Catherine "Kitty" Genovese

In the early hours of 13th March 1964, Kitty Genovese was attacked outside of her New York apartment. 38 people are claimed to have seen the attack but not offered help. Hear her tragic story 


Jackie Poole

On Sunday 13th February 1983, 25 year old Jackie Poole is found dead in her Ruislip flat, the investigation that followed led to the question was the murder solved by good old fashioned police work, or did Jackie really solve her own murder.


Molly McLaren

Stalking awareness week episode, 23 year old Molly McLaren was brutally attacked by her ex-boyfriend in a car park in Kent on June 29th 2017. This episode delves into the horrendous ordeal that she had to endure prior to the fatal attack.


Joanna Yeates

On 17th December 2010 Joanna goes missing when her boyfriend goes away for the weekend. Who is responsible for her passing and what impact did the UK media have on the outcome of the case?


Lindsay Hawker

In October 2006 Lindsay Hawker boarded a plane to Tokyo to start a new life for herself. In March 2007 23 year old Lindsay’s life was cut short after a chance encounter on the Metro and the long fight for justice by her family.


Lee Rigby

In May 2003 the United Kingdom was rocked by a crime which would stay with the British people forever as soldier Lee Rigby was murdered in broad daylight. So much is known about this shocking crime but how much of Lee's story are you aware of.

EPISODE 11 &12 -

Rachel Barber

On the 1st March 1999 15 year old Rachel Barber left her Melbourne home to go to school, she made arrangements to meet her father at a tram stop at 6:30. She never arrived.The police were not interested in her disappearance. Hear Rachel’s story and the bizarre story behind her passing


Rachel McLean

Oxford University student Rachel McLean mysteriously disappeared after her Easter Holidays in 1991 from Cowley, Oxfordshire. This case focuses on who she was, the search for her and ultimately the upsetting conclusion


Gemma Hayter

Do you really know who your friends are? This story focuses on Gemma Hayter who lived in the town of Rugby. What happens to this vulnerable young woman is horrific.


Celine Figard

Celine Figard fell in love with England in the early 90s and wanted to learn as much as she could about the country. Unfortunately, she also learned about the dark side of the UK as well.


Rhys Jones

11 year old Rhys Jones was killed in a meaningless act of gang violence.

One of the most tragic things for any parent is the loss of a child. And when that child is killed in an act of needless violence it is impossible to comprehend.


Rana Faruqui

Rana Faruqui was a high flying professional in Buckinghamshire with a love of horses. Hear the story of how a chance encounter in 2002 led to 18 months of stress, upset and ultimately her passing.


Sally-Anne Bowman

Sally Ann left her ex boyfriends car after a row, five minutes later she had been attacked. Have you had an argument with your spouse or partner which you left unresolved?

Have you ever considered that it may be the last thing that you ever say to them?


Gillian Atkins

In 1983 school girl Gillian Atkins goes missing from Market Deeping, this is the story of when a crime shocks sleepy suburban England


Jenny Nicholl

19 year old Jenny packed a bag to go camping on 30th June 2005, four days later her car was located but no sign of Jenny. What had lead to her disappearance?


Alice Gross

14 year old Alice Gross left her home in Hanwell West London for a walk along the canal. She told her mum that she would be back by 6. She did not return


Leigh Leigh

14 year old Leigh Leigh was so excited to go to her first teenage party at the Stockton Surf Club. By the end of the night, she just wanted to be alone. Hear this truly shocking story


April Jones

April Jones disappeared on 1 October 2012, after being sighted willingly getting into a vehicle near her home. Her disappearance generated a large amount of national and international press coverage

EPISODE 24 & 25 -

Lee Harvey

24 - When Lee Harvey met Tracie Andrews it was believed to be love at first sight, both were single parents and their daughters treated each other as though they were sisters. There was a darkness in private however which got more and more public as time went on....

25 - This story starts after the infamous press conference.


Andres Escobar

1994 was an uncertain time in Colombia, Pablo Escobar had been killed and Medellin was in chaos. The hope was that Colombia would reignite national pride preforming well in the FIFA World Cup. Hear this story of corruption, cartels and how one of Colombian Football's most popular captains would end up dead.


Sadie Hartley

From her humble beginnings growing up on a council estate affording one holiday a year, Sadie Hartley's drive got her her dream of running her own company and being able to afford anything that she wanted to do. Unfortunately though with success also comes a lack of time to concentrate on your personal life, leading to an unwelcome intrusion. Hear the story of how Sadie Hartley was tragically killed at the place where she was supposed to be the safest. Her home. 


True Crime Quick Fix

So this is the first anniversary episode. Over the last year I have accrued a few cases where I cannot get enough information for a single episode so this week we have the stories of Scott Walker, Hell Fire Caves Sukie, The barbaric Sawney Bean and the tragic story of Carol Taggart. Thank you for all of your support over the last year.


Sam Caulfield

How well do you really know someone? What extent would you go to to get people’s approval? Would you do anything for that friend, even if it was illegal? Can you guarantee that people who you trust will not betray you? Finally, do you trust all of your friends with your life? Hear the story of Sam Caulfield and what happened to him

EPISODES 30, 31 and 32 Koh Tao

Part 1 of 3 When you dream of paradise you think of somewhere with memories which will last a lifetime Hannah Witheridge and David Miller did not know each before they arrived on this tropical island off of the coast of Thailand. This three part mini-series focuses on the events of September the 14th and 15th on the investigation that followed. Stand by for a case that follows the controversial police tactics and trial, pressure from the government and media and an island that seemed to attract suspicious deaths.

Part 2 of 3 Following the arrests of Zaw Lin and Wai Phyo the story continues through the trial. Hannah and David's family continued to have to suffer the pain of their loss plus the hostility from rights groups.

Part 3 of 3. So after hearing about the case of Hannah and David it is time to hear about some of the cases which have also given Koh Tao the reputation that it has today. Hear the story of a body found in a drain pipe. Numerous deaths at sea, 2 tourists found hung. A 50ft fall where there was no broken bones. A questionable bike accident and a death where even the police cannot agree on the cause. But the underlying story to all of them, they were all closed without a satisfactory answer.


Shashia Moreau

Just imagine for a minute you are a collector and you are promised something so rare that you cannot sleep for days, the excitement builds to the extent you are counting down the days till you get it. When you arrive... you realise... you are just a pawn in someone’s sick game... ladies and gentlemen. The story of Shashia Moreau.

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